„“Together we can make it.”

Expert advice

Your development department has designed a new part and aluminium is the material of choice. Is that viable? Can it be made?
At Grohmann you will find experienced advisors to answer such questions. We will gladly work with you to examine whether your ideas are viable and find ways to turn them into reality. When it comes to cast parts, our experts know every possible technological means of giving form to any idea. Your vision and our expertise in sand casting, permanent mould casting and machining create physical results in aluminium.

Parts tailored precisely to your needs

Topology optimisation for your cast aluminium part

What your aluminium part needs to do is clear. But its ultimate form still needs to be worked out. This is where Grohmann's developers assist you: they design the part that you need. It meets your functional requirements and has at the same time the right form for high-quality production using the aluminium casting method.

Grohmann combines decades of experience in aluminium casting with great innovative spirit. That is evidenced not least by our many patents. Optimised by our engineers, your cast part's topology guarantees top functionality.

Getting the casting right first time

Precise simulation of aluminium casting processes

In the past in casting things were perfected by trial and error until every detail of the part and the casting process was right. At Grohmann those days are long gone. Our experienced developers have all the necessary technologies to hand to simulate casting processes in advance. That saves a huge amount of time and money. Your aluminium part is ready for production from the first time it is cast.

Production of data and drawings for existing parts

Reverse engineering creates the reconstruction

From the physical object to the idea: if you don't have the data, plans or drawings for a cast part, Grohmann engineers can help. This may be the case for vintage cars, or also for historic machines or older mechanical equipment.

Using the original part, we create 3D data and drawings. To do this our casting technicians combine several different procedures. The results of computer tomography (CT), optical scanning and tactile measuring contribute to the virtual reconstruction of the part, which in turn can then be reproduced by cast moulding.

SIn this way Grohmann brings history to life.